provides and cover variety of essential functions that integrates every department of your business around the world by providing real-time view of your data and processes. 


ERP also streamline every department workflows for better decision making and growth.
we are in enforcing worldwide ERP standardsfrom within our system software.
ERP solution is the roadmap to "Better Business Processes". It stands for "Enterprise Resource Planning".
It originally refers to how a large organization plans to use organizational wide resources. The ERP systems are extremely
comprehensive and are used in almost any type of organization - large or small. ERP systems are extraordinary wide in scope. They are a totally integrated system that gives the ability to streamline different
processes and workflows, to easily share data across various departments in an organization, to improve efficiency and productivity levels, enhance better tracking and forecasting, lower costs and improve customer service. DMS managed to achieve these goals through its unique products Industrial Management Information System (IDMS), CRM, and Retail.

ERP systems :
IDMS Modules
- Customer Order & Sales
Financial Modules
Retail Management System
- Customer Relation Management